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For Sale 2 Tix for Bemidji Series Lower Bowl End Sioux Shoot Twice


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I have two tickets available for Friday and Saturday night (21st and 22nd) against Bemidji St.  Seats are in section 107 Row I Seats 3 and 4.  Asking $130 for the pair for each night or $250 for the entire weekend.  Text 2187799582.  Tickets are in Grand Forks and can be arranged for pickup, or add $10 to ship.  I'll accept Paypal as a gift if shipping the tickets or cash in person if meeting up.  Thank you!

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20 hours ago, Boomer 40AAA said:

Take your scalping to Craigs List

Thanks for adding your worthless opinion to my post.  I choose to include the mandatory "donation" in my costs.  They are my tickets and I'm free to ask whatever I want for them.  Generally I start with an asking price, and me and the prospective buyers work out a deal.  If people don't like my prices, then they can sure as heck not buy the tickets.  In my time selling off tickets to the games I can't go to, I've seen prices both below and above mine.  If you don't want the tickets or don't want to pay the price, then get the heck off of my post.

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