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New forums for conferences?

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I'm quite sympathetic to that point, that's what led me to start this thread to begin with. Would adding "subtitles" (e.g. the lighter grey text thats under all the forum names in the community section) to the sports saying "Discuss UND and NCHC hockey", etc... help?

I think that would be the better route. Probably half of the traffic on this site naturally gravitates only to the hockey forum already. No need to have a separate forum for NCHC news, or Big Sky football or basketball news. Discussion about Montana football is probably always going to take place in the UND football thread and so on.

One more thought. It's immediately obvious that the now "NCAA News" forum contained a lot of general UND discussion that we thought pertinent to the D-I move but not to a specific sport. I wonder if we also need a "UND News", or if that should get sucked into "Community".

Personally, I like it the way it is. There are multiple options with the "Community" and "Other Sports" threads. No need to take up more real estate on the main page. But that is just my opinion.

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