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I am putting together an order for a late 1940s custom home sweater...and when I say sweater, I mean it. These are 100% wool knit with felt numbering. The sizing, or cut, of the jersey is a tighter fit that matches the style worn for the time period. They are replicas only in the sense of that they are reproductions of a jersey worn over 60 years ago; they are, however, made to game standards, so in that regard, they are authentic. Double-shoulders and elbows are added for game durability. I am not offering these to you to sell for a profit. I just want to give anyone who might be interested an opportunity to get one because I doubt an order for these will ever take place again, not by me anyways.

Here's how to get one:

The jersey you are ordering is made just for you, they are not pre-made. You get to pick your size and any number you want (which is included in the cost). Because of the high quality and the fact that they are custom made almost entirely by hand, they are a bit more expensive than your average jersey, however, they will be uniquely rare.

Price: $225 ....shipping is included in the Price. If you pay using PayPal, add $7 to cover fees (for a total of $232). Custom number of your choice is also included in price.

Sizing: Medium (43-44); Large (47-48); XL (51-52). *****NOTE***** The sizing runs a bit bigger than you would expect based on the numbers. I know at least a couple of the previous buyers are going down one size.

Payment: You can either PayPal me (if you PayPal, add $5 per jersey to cover some fees), send a check or money order, pay in person, etc. If you send anything in the mail, I am not responsible for anything lost or stolen, so PayPal is preferred.


Here is the style that is going to be ordered:



Here is the previous jersey order that we did so you can get an idea of the quality and type of jersey you would be receiving. The jersey above will be made using the same materials as the one below. ***NOTE*** The color of the green in the pics below appears to be darker than it really is. It's a true kelly green color, not a dark green.




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I just received word from the company that because this jersey requires a special pattern to make the shoulder yokes work, that the pricing is actually going to be $15 higher than expected. For those who have already contacted me, you should be receiving an email shortly regarding the matter. I am not allowed to edit the original post, hence the reason I have to mention it in an additional post.

New pricing: $240. Add 10% for XXL or XXXL. Because of the price bump, I will waive the PayPal fees and cover them myself.

I still plan on going forth with the project and there is still plenty of time to get in on the project. I know the price is not the most economic, but like I've said before, I am not doing another one of these orders again.

I apologize for the inconvenience.



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