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Not just for football, but for any UND sport other than hockey, does anyone else here get frustrated by the local newspaper coverage (or lack-there-of) of the Univeristy?

It seems to me when it comes to reporting Sioux athletics, unless it was written by Schlossman, it is a pretty good bet that whatever you read in the Herald, you could've read a day earlier on Fightingsioux.com..............or two days earlier on Siouxsports.com ;) .

Since spring practice has started for multiple schools in the area, the Fargo Forum has done 8 newspaper stories, 13 staff blogs, and two video features on the local team in Fargo. During the same time, the Herald has done 4 newspaper stories and that's it as far as I can tell on Grand Forks' local team.......................

I'd like to thank all the posters here at Siouxsports.com and over at Sioux Football Insider for keeping us in the loop...............

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I agree with you, but to a degree that's our fault as well as theirs. We as students, alumni, fans of UND need to do a better job of visibly and financially supporting football and basketball. These to sports will put UND on everybody's front page. It also doesn't help that year after year we get stuck playing the dregs of Div 1 and 2. I do agree that SiouxSports.com has breaking news days before everyone else.

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