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picture of Matt Greene


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Does anyone have an action photo of Matt Green taking out an opponent that we can use for one of our posters (see Yale ideas thread)? I can have it copied, with your permission, and return it pronto. Thanks.

The picture on Matt Greene's hockey card that they gave out before the Concordia game has MG laying a good hit on an opponent from Denver, I believe.

If I remember correctly that same picture can also be found in the programs that have been sold this year, unfortunately, I don't access to a program so I cannot be sure, but it is worth checking.

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Are there copyright issues here?

As PCM posted in the other thread, one can do much better scanning a photo themselves, and saving it in a format that can be printed poster-sized, rather than trying to enlarge these very compressed web formats (jpg and gif).

For instance, I can scan the Greene photo at maximum resolution and save as a bitmap, which makes a file larger than 100mb. Someone needing that kind of resolution for a poster best do it on their own system, if they have the capability.

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