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Parking at the Alerus Center


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Here is the link to the editorial on why the Alerus Center needs to charge for parking. I have no problem paying for parking, but the article mentions 3 or 4 dollars. That might be a bit much, 3 dollars would seem to be the limit there. I have a huge problem with the editorial saying that you pay a lot of money to pay for parking at twins and wild games, and that we need to take that into consideration when paying for parking at football games and other events at the Alerus. I guess the beauty of living in Grand Forks is this isn't Minneapolis or St. Paul. Nothing against those cities, but I choose to live in a smaller city so I don't have to deal with those kind issues when I go to a sporting event here. Charging is not out of the question, but these are not professional sports teams we are watching either.

$4 to park is a bit high in my opinion, but I guess they will have to find that out the hard way.

Before you know it, they will probably start charging us to use the bathroom in the Alerus. Anything to make a few bucks.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't we already pay for "The Al" with our sales tax increase a few years back. Hmmmmmm

Yes, we did and we still are. But I don't expect to go to anything there for free, even though I "paid for it." As far as 3 bucks? What the hell. Don't get me wrong, I like money as much as everyone else. But if parking generates some revenue, and its the norm with other universities and venues, why not?

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No problem paying 3 bucks, but can they at least put some more parking spaces in. I won't be too pleased if I have to pay and park in that grass south of the Alerus. A couple times last year, you needed a 4 wheel drive to get around in the mud.

If they are going to charge, at least pave some more of the lot. I seen where they have started this process, but from what I have been reading, these spaces are just going to replace the ones lost to the new motel. So we will be back to square one in regards to parking once the new motel is built.

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