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The title of this post was suppose to be Hale, DeMarchi, and Martin, my bad. Anyway here's the article:

WEST ORANGE, N.J., Sept. 15 - The Devils prospects David Hale and Paul Martin, both defensemen, had a big surprise waiting for them when they checked today's practice schedule at the team hotel. After three days of practice in training camp with the minor league players and other prospects, they were told to practice with the varsity.

"You're a little awestruck," Martin, a fluid-skating 22-year-old from Minnesota, said after practice. "There are a lot of guys out there who've built great reputations as far as playing the game and coaching the game. It's awesome to be out there and to learn from the best."

Coach Pat Burns wanted to see if they were ready to fill one of the open spots on the Devils' blue line this season, created by the off-season departures of the veterans Ken Daneyko, Oleg Tverdovsky and Richard Smehlik.

"I wanted to be up close to them and observe them," Burns said. "They're impressive. They are players who have played at high-level events and won at high-level events."

Hale and Martin, who are roommates during training camp with another defense prospect, Matt DeMarchi, spent three years in college after being drafted by the Devils in 2000.

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It's what we've been pretty much saying since Hale and Martin left: When the NHL season starts, one or the other will be in the NHL. However, now that 3 key defensement for the Devils are gone, I think it is a definite possibility that BOTH Hale and Martin will go straight to the NHL. Bodes well for them, but all the DeMarchi fans don't need to fret either, because, although I see the Devils going out for a veteran for the third slot, I could also see DeMarchi in the NHL sometime this season, coming up by the trade deadline at the latest.

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