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Not addressed to GF_Siouxfan specifically, but this post reminded of a clarification I failed to make after the weekend...

Disappointing...you wanna know disappointing...

It's time for a coaching change...

--im glad that dumb topic was closed but, im upset that it had to be closed for an individual speaking up. making a valid point. closing down a topic is not the right way to handle that. you need to respond to this playng buddy buddy doesnt work eventually people get fed up. this needs to be dealt with b4 the start of the next season.

Just to be clear... a discussion about whether a coach should be replaced strikes me as squarely on topic; that thread was closed not because of its topic but because it had strayed from its topic to off-topic bitching and personal attacks.

I would expect many people to disagree with such a post, and the best response would be for them to engage in the discussion and refute it with on-topic counterarguments, not attack the poster with whom they disagreed.

That said, I personally wish people were a little more positive and wish everyone would have the good taste to post negative comments tactfully; since players and coaches and parents will see what you wrote, it's a good idea not to write what you wouldn't say to their faces.

In that vein, while negative evaluation of public figures' public performance is permitted, an "official" thread dedicated to "bashing" an individual is just too gauche.

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