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Some may remember this discussion that led to the birth of the SiouxSports.com blog. Though it's been pretty successful at covering hockey, and I've personally made a few posts about football, it would be nice if someone a little more knowledgeable could cover football a little more (& other topics/sports, if desired).

I was swayed to support the blog because it seemed a good idea to have an alternate (to the forum) source of information and opinion that's a bit more civilized and easier for the casual fan to keep up with. That's still sort of the mission statement.

The big benefits to wannabe bloggers of joining the SiouxSports.com blog are instant high readership from an established site and the reduced writing obligation of being part of a team (if you can only post now and then, that's ok, because others will be posting also).

If that sounds interesting and you'd like to volunteer to join the team, just get in touch with me. All we'd be looking for from you is an occasional, informal blog post about UND athletics (particularly non-hockey!), though you'd certainly never be under any obligation.

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