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Todays game on Satellite!


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sadly the backhaul had both commercials and a worse picture (blue blotches in it)

Sorry to hear that Iceberg. Blue blotches bad. Green Blotches I guess we could have lived with :D

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both feeds? You getting a Dog feed from somewhere? Cband?

little late but no. The Bulldogs provider (Charter) took the FSSN feed.

There was a second feed on IA6 that was beamed from Duluth back to GF (they have to get the signal back there somehow) :angry:

What was goofy was the feed WAS THE SAME THING. SO WDAZ paid for 2 uplinks

12011 V 4880...the one that went to cable companies (and us) :(

the backhaul that went from Duluth to GF....then they modulated it and resent it back up on 12011

The only difference between the two? The backhaul came up around 1:15 with the scrolling thing and the songs and the "normal" feed came up around 1:30

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