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  1. 2 Lower Bowl vs UMD Fri. Feb. 22 Sec 104 $50 each 218.779.0729
  2. Mick1

    ISO: 2 Tickets for UMD Friday

    2 Lower Bowl for UMD for Fri. available. 218.779.0729
  3. I have 2 tickets available for the Vegas Sioux/Gopher game.  $250/each.  Tickets in hand.  218.779.0729   GF

  4. Looking for 2 lower bowl seats for UND 2018-2019 hockey season. Would entertain either Friday or Saturday night. Text/call 218.779.0729.
  5. 2 Lower Bowl, Center Ice for Sat. VS Miami. $50/each Text 218.779.0729
  6. Mick1


    2 Lower Bowl, Center Ice Sec.116/Row O/Seats 12&13 Fri., Sat., & Sun. Great Seats With Parking Pass Included $175 218.779.0729 or PM. SOLD
  7. Mick1

    I need gopher tickets

    I have 2 for both nights, you can call or text to 218.779.0729.
  8. Mick1

    Grand Forks Library

    You obviouslly didn't read the print under (Forum) which says 'No politics'...
  9. Mick1

    Grand Forks Library

    Excuse me did you change your name from (SiouxKid12)or are you part of the blog mafia and are taking over?
  10. Mick1

    Grand Forks Library

    Thank you for your input and for proving my point. The signs were designed to create conversation anti and pro I believe, just as you and I are doing now. Sometimes you need to think outside the box to be creative and it's my opinion they did just that while still getting their point across in a unique way.
  11. Mick1

    Grand Forks Library

    Your obviously don't have a marketing major on your resume. I believe there was a purpose to the sign design and how it ties in to the rest of their radio and newspaper ads. But then again I guess it got your attention didn't it.
  12. Mick1

    Grand Forks Library

    You can get all the information you need and get questions answered by logging on to speakupforyourlibrary.com The information is all factual and is updated daily.
  13. 2 Friday night lower bowl tickets for sale. Sec.116 Row O Seats 12&13 Center Ice $40/each 218.779.0729 SOLD !
  14. 2 Friday night playoff tickets for sale. Lower bowl / Sec. 116 / Row O / Seats 12 & 13 Best seats in the arena. PM me with an offer.
  15. 2 Lower Bowl For Tonite. In GF. $100 for pr. or B/O Text to 218.779.0729