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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Or9-PHKXJ0IcB1kOhiqQ9K11zAUm49gtzBmwMdJlLCs/htmlview
  2. About 7% of MLB games go to extra innings. Almost 25% of NHL games go to OT. Big difference...........
  3. I think BB was our first Blue Chippa to win a national championship.
  4. I posted the day before the game, 19 hours before game time.
  5. Thanks Siouxforeverbaby, I backed into my 3rd win but I’ll take it. If there was a trophy would it be retired???
  6. Am I right to assume that you suspended the 30 minute rule for yesterday’s game. I believe I won by default!!!
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