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  1. Send me an email address and I'll transfer you the tickets if you're interested. 3 seats in section 315 rather see someone use them than go to waste.
  2. I have 3 tickets that I don't want to see go to waste. Send me a PM with your email and I'll transfer them to you.
  3. We have a group of 7 that made the trip.
  4. I have my 3 season tickets that I will not be able to use Saturday. I'd rather have them used than go to waste. Maybe a couple with a kid that normally can't afford to go can get some use out of them and give the kid an awesome experience. Send me a pm with an email address if you're interested and I will transfer them over to you.
  5. MrBurns


    Does anyone know how they are selling the jerseys that they are wearing on Saturday? Are they selling them online or at the arena? All I've seen is it said they will be for sale after the game.
  6. I have 3 tickets available for tonight's game. I just don't want them to go to waste. Shoot me a message and I can transfer them to your email.
  7. MrBurns


    I have an authentic Black Reebok size 56 I'd be more interested trading for a Geometric Logo Jersey or a Black Nike, but would maybe sell.
  8. I have 3 tickets someone can have for free just give me an email address and I'll send you the print out tickets. I just don't want them to go to waste.
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