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  1. Espn televised Wrasslin too. Nobody cares about that either.
  2. I can't stop coming here cause that shirt is hilarious
  3. That's priceless. Speaking of not being able to spit out a complete sentence. You might want to call those sheep to help you out.
  4. The adults that your bantering back and forth with are handing you your lunch. You might want to tuck yourself in for the night
  5. I gotta believe even Bubba might be a little uncomfortable knowing you wear that thing in public.
  6. Speaking of good comebacks..... Not. You sure do seem to want to be an adult someday
  7. It's you with the man crush shirt again. Really $25 for one of those things is a steal
  8. You mean big time sports like lacrosse and curling cause that's what hockey is Sports you can watch on that national channel you like so much. Roots
  9. I can't stop laughing at the thought of anyone wearing that thing. Sooooooo priceless Hell i'll give you $25 for one. People won't believe me when I tell them about it
  10. I'd try to reply but I'm not sure what youre even talking about. Are you ?
  11. Where's a guy get one of those cool shirts you have there? Wow that's something. you should be selling them Cause true adults wear shirts with the new coaches face on them. Priceless
  12. You and Take a Duker adults?? That's funny right there
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