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  1. Not a place I would frequent; however, it is a fun place to visit. http://www.safe-house.com/mainmenu.cfm
  2. You've obviously been hanging around the wrong fans. There are fans that thing that everything bad that happens to their players is a penalty, but everything bad that happens to the other team is "just good hockey." I don't call all Sioux fans idiots because of the actions of one idiot in Denver. Why do you group all CC fans in as "know nothing, my team is perfect." Fans?
  3. I saw the hit and said--OH HERE WE GO. Score was tied at the time--and I thought for sure that Branigan was going to be gone for the remainder of the game. Didn't happen that way, but the result was the same. I didn't see the Punko hit on Sterling, but Coach Owens is not fuming about it, and I'll defer to him. You could see Shepard telling the Pie-in-ear player that "he turned" I've seen other discussions on "drawing" the 5 min major on this board. I'm all for the major too; however, if you turn to put yourself in danger, then shouldn't you be called for unsportsmanlike conduct too? After all, if you embelish a tripping/slashing/interference they can call unsportsmanlike.
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    SIOUX @ CC

    I saw a CFB call against No Dak last night at the game. I thought the same thing that CFB was automatically a 5 and DQ or Misconduct. I looked this up when I got home: Here it is: Hitting From Behind SECTION 23. a. A player shall not push, charge, cross-check or body check an opponent from behind. PENALTY
  5. Here is one link that may help: http://www.coloradoski.com/ It depends on your definition of "area" but there are no "real close" ski areas to Colorado Springs. Lift tickets at Monarch are around $50 Monarch is the closest ski area to Colorado Springs. The altitude is fairly high, and they have some pretty good snow fall this year. The temps are not out of the "normal winter" range for you North Dakota residents. http://www.skimonarch.com/ Good luck.
  6. It seems to me that no matter what the name of some teams mascots, there will be someone offended. If the intent of the NCAA's original request was to remove hostile and offending names for teams, then in light of the recent events in the gulf coast region, why are the Miami Hurricanes allowed to keep their name? With all the destruction caused recently by hurricanes, how can the name "Hurricane" not evoke an emotional response? How can we let the Miami Hurricanes keep their names?
  7. At the expense of being called someone not able to recognize a tongue in cheek comment---here goes. I'm not familiar with the toboggan run @ Lincoln Park, but if it drops from over 14,000 feet to just over 6000 feet I definitely want to attempt that ride. But....since the highest point in No Dak is ONLY 3,500 feet (officially, 3,506) I realize that 6 feet is probably discernable and important to people that live at about half our altitude here in Colorado Springs. The top of any toboggan run in Minnesota or North Dakota starts at an altitude well below the end of our toboggan runs. There is NO way that Pikes Peak is a toboggan run. BTW: There are over 50 mountains higher than 14,000 feet in Colorado, but none get the same coverage as Pikes Peak. Look here: http://www.toppeak.com/map.html There was something I remember from marketing class, "If you think marketing doesn't count, remember this: There are more than twenty mountains higher than Pikes Peak in Colorado....name one."
  8. Compared to the REA--is anything special? We don't need a palace on the prairie. We have the mountains to break up the horizon. Which explains why in Colorado, you can't stand on a five gallon bucket and see the back of your head. The 75 MPH speed limit is there, but depending on the time of day you won't even approach that. A short day trip might be to the Royal Gorge bridge. This is the highest suspension bridge in the world. If you're afraid of heights do not go. Also a trip up Pikes Peak could be in order, but you are at the mercy of the weather more with Pikes Peak. Even with the temperature being 40 below what it is in Colorado Springs, it could seem like a heat wave for the hearty types from North Dakota.
  9. Here's a link for you. It will work only today. http://daily.gazette.com/Repository/ml.asp...ish-skin-custom
  10. I just don't understand everyone's panties in a bunch over this. The only difference between Greene and 100s of other people this past weekend is that Greene is part of one of the premier college hockey programs in the country. I certainly have faith that he'll learn from this mistake that a lot of people make. Just be thankful that his lack of discretion did not get some hurt, or killed. The court system will handle this, and his playing time MAY be affected. But this is not a "life" changing event. It is simply having to face the consequences of a bad decision.
  11. Is this correct? http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2003/hock...y.ap/index.html It says that the Sioux are playing DU(h) and CC in Fargo.
  12. With the remaining games, the most points possible for Minnesota is 39. The most points that MSU-M could have is 39 (IF they sweep CC). With that said, CC Can wrap up the WCHA if they take three points out of the next four games (giving them 40 points). Not an easy task against MSU-M or our archrival Denver. I would rather see CC sew it up this weekend than be put in a position where we HAVE to beat Denver. Also--I would rather NOT face North Dakota in the first game of the final five--so here's hoping that North Dakota runs the table.
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