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  1. I'm no chicken little...but if it's the same as last season (at least in terms of not making the NCAA tournament)...I would think he is replaced. Well, with this post....I am good for another 3 years before I post again
  2. Probably better for a different thread here....but if this team does a repeat of last year....is BB kept around next year? I get that there are up's and down's in every program (especially college hockey)....but that doesn't mean you have to settle for that.
  3. Not a bad first post....at this blistering posting pace of once every 8.5 years, I might have 4 total before I die of old age :-)
  4. For the 19th year in a row....I will be at military duty during the NCHC/WCHA tourney and therefore not able to meet up. Put me in for 2 please
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