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  1. I can't take LaPanta any more I know he doesn't like the Sioux but seriously just call it even your team is at home. and the radio and the TV are too far off at my place.
  2. I didn't realize in real time how great a play that was.
  3. Wow what a pass by Trupp to set up Fratin. And Fratin doesn't miss wide open in the slot. Nice
  4. LaPanta gets a lot more excited when CC scores. To bad the Gophers didn't make it so he could wet his pants when they score.
  5. Fraton was pulled down on a 3 on 2 shorthanded break he took out the goalie when he was tripped and Malone scored on basically an open net. 4 on 4 for 2 minutes then CC has 1:12 PP.
  6. GOAL way to go Sioux don't get the boys pissed.
  7. What a crappy way to end the season. 3 straight horrible losses.
  8. Anyone know why Sweeney was laughing at the end of the period?
  9. I spent my day with a Gopher fan and even he said JPL should be in the Hat Trick. He even admitted he was the best goalie around. Hard to believe from a die hard Gopher fan. I know it hurt him a little to say it. I understand the whole 30+ goal criteria but how do you not include a goalie and an athlete of JPL's caliber? Bias or not JPL got robbed. I still think Oshie is probably the best player in college but he did not score enough for the committee. I am sure he will be show that he is the best at the next level. Let's hope he and the team use this to come out flying on Thursday and tear up BC. And then Michigan (but I am hoping for Notre Dame).
  10. SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKING GO SIOUX!!! I have 2 tickets available for Sunday nights Game. Section 316 just below the press box aisle seats. Call me at Thanks Dave
  11. I would like to chip in, too. Nothing puts life into better perspective than a sick child. I know from experience Children's Hospital does a great job. I only hope they can help Nick. Keep fighting Nick & God Bless You.
  12. 2 tickets for Alaska- Anchorage Saturday 01/26/08 Section 316 Row E Seats 1 & 2 - North Blue Line - Aisle seats - Asking $40.00 for the pair or best offer. PM me if interested or if you have any questions. Thanks SiouxDog
  13. What am I going to do on Saturday now? My two year old only knows how to root for the Sioux he does understand hockey enough to watch anyone besides the Sioux. Ugh
  14. I love to hear that. Even one more year of getting to watch him would be great. His puck handling skills are incredible. OK his whole game is incredible. I must be listening to the wrong people, that Dakota Husby keeps leading me astray. If they can keep these guys around next year looks pretty promising.
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