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  1. WOW what a weekend this is going to be ! Hope to see alot of Black and Green at the game Go Sioux!
  2. I agree Ranfranz can hang tough! Hes the type of goaltender this team needs.. Whats up with this musical chairs crap give him his shot... We want to win the whole damn thing don't we... Minnesota just beat Colorado Man things need to change.. How can you win 8-0 and then get your rears handed to you? Its time for a goalie who can go game after game,, shot after shot ... we need the WALL !!! BUT thats just my opinion Thanks CHIEF
  3. Sorry but there is no way he gets the nod... He needs to bring in a goalie coach !!! HEs guessing and that doesnt boad well for the team.. Pick a goalie stand by him and expect the best out of him this is the big time.. YOu as a goalie have to have your heart in every game every practice.. Stand tall and be a leader.. Get the fans in the game and be a wall you have to be a wall nothin getiin by..But for this to happen you need a coach who can stand up and put his arm on your shoulder and tell you he believes in you and sticks with you ...NO GAMES ... TO WIN IT ALL YOU NEED TO PICK THE TENDER
  4. This is going to be one hell of a series!
  5. Give The job to RANFRANZ!!!!
  6. Ranfranz is a starter! while small he has the talent and skills to keep the puck out of the net.. He's been a starter all his life starting for Rochester MAYO high school and helping to take them to the state hockey tourney..Playing for the Rochester Mustangs And a very good Billings Bulls team from Montana that managed to make it to nationals..This kids at his best when he sees alot of shots..And he's stellar when the crowd gets into the game.. Coach Blais needs to stand up and make the call, the right call to #35 RANFRANZ and stick with this kid he's the real deal he has the work ethic and
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