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  1. D1sioux

    Women's Hockey

    Why would a UND alum get a interview?
  2. D1sioux

    Craig Smith National Coach of the Year

    Same guy, different log in. Own battles!!
  3. D1sioux

    2006/2007 Women's Basketball

    If you ever want to get Amy Ruley fired up. Ask her how UND recruited Jenny Crouse or found out about her. That story always gets Amy fired up!! As a coach and a game plan, if our Bigs were the reason UND was winning, why would UND not run more high low offense, isolation, and impose theri will from the tip?
  4. D1sioux

    WBB pre game talk

    I just cannot help but think back to all the pre game hype of how UND was a lock to win this tourney. No one played as tough as a schedule as UND. I heard Swyg saying it Wed morning. When you are not humble it is too easy to become humbled. Whatever happened to having some success and saying, ah shoot, we were lucky. Even after the game coach Roebuck saying, call them great when they win the title. Humility.
  5. D1sioux

    2006/2007 Women's Basketball

    The girls from the 97 and on team would compete!!! Night in, night out!! Did not matter if they were playing Southern Indiana, or UMC. They played their butts off!! I will never forget Katie Richards playing with two cotton swabs in her nose to stop it from bleeding!! Can you imagine what the other team thought of that!! Tell me one gal we have now that is that tough, has that will to win like that, or Tiffany Pudenz or Jamie Pudenz, or Jenny Crouse's will to win. Those girls hated to lose, plain and simple. They still hate to lose today, I watched Tiff play city leauge and she still has fire in her to play!! You cant teach that, you cant coach that!! FIRE!!! Will to win. Will to compete.
  6. D1sioux

    Get Ready Students

    Jim Antes asked about funding from student fees? Tom Buning said there has been no movement on student fees to date. He did state that if students paid an additional $46 per semester in student fees, it would generate over $1,000,000 in revenue for Athletics. Get ready for a hike!! The Division 1 money will have to come from some place...and the students are a prime target...there are no more big marketing menu's...Altru, Coke, beer establishments are tapped..you certainly cannot raise ticket prices...people in town are already complaining heavily about that...especially when there are open seats and ticket prices go up...to the common person..that displays greed....and in the midwest where hard working values prevail...greed...does not bode well...
  7. D1sioux

    Tim and Swyg bashing this web site

    not to mention the six people who listen to the show...one being K dog...who wont respond to this thread cuz he doesnt own a computer....roflmao
  8. D1sioux

    Tim and Swyg bashing this web site

    they are two local announcers who do a 3 hour morning show....as far as the 3 hours of reading the GF Herald....they just keep repeating things...over and over all morning long...it is quite amusing...lol...i am being sarcastic of course....if this web site is so bad....why have they referenced it before...as well as Mr Fee and the Forum guru read this web site as well....possibly 4 of their 6 listeners responded to this thread...from the people I know more listen to 1310 than 1440....oh well...they should just put the KFAN guys on from 6 til 9 til PA and Dubay come on...their funnier anyway....when Swyg and Tim were gone on vacatoin...it was refreshing to listen to a better show....and BTW....Swyg you wont ask the tough questions....which is why he got bent this morning anyway....and all 5 of your callers for the coaches shows...ask tougher questions....lol...laughable....guess someone hit a sore spot....band aid needed!!!
  9. This morning the two anouncers were bashing the people who post on this site as being know it alls...or something to that effect...interesting....I wonder why someone would pay these two to sit and read the GF Herald for 3 hours every morning???
  10. D1sioux

    UNO studying Division I

    UND cut positions in Oct...sounds almost as irrational....but...adding positions to balance it out...UNO hasnt done that yet...lol
  11. D1sioux

    UND Student Athletes

    I wonder how this transition and move to D1 without any chance of post season will affect the GPA?? Will the mission statement change....in that area athletes will no longer get a quality education at THE University of North Dakota??
  12. D1sioux

    Lennon & DI

    I find this theory interesting.....what year did he interview at Sac State?? 2002??? it is now 2006...and he has interviewed or been mentioned for how many D1 or D1AA jobs??? 00??? I am just not sure where people get this from....and its a great thing for football....they dont have to play with the BIG boys....they get to play the minor league teams....if UND will go D1...go all the way...not 1AA....
  13. D1sioux

    UND declaring internal Division 1 move

    Mr. Kupchella has told the coaches that if the money isnt there...since everyone is telling him the two million dollars is there....they will not go Div. 1
  14. D1sioux

    UND declaring internal Division 1 move

    Perhaps there are current employees who arent too happy....i thought specific shots at posters was not allowed on this board?? In fact a current employee told me he is on vacation....not at the AD's meetings....so I guess current employees do not know then huh?? My point being why not have the AD at this press conference??? Does this not seem odd??
  15. D1sioux

    UND declaring internal Division 1 move

    Wow...I guess my source was correct!!! This will kill recruiting IMO....if your going to do it .....dont delay!!! Does it strike anyone odd that when this press conference is held....the AD is on vacation??? The person who is pushing for this is not around?? Does that seem odd to anyone else??