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  1. A little history here:

    Back in the 80's and before, the Frozen Four played a semifinal game on Thursday and the other Semifinal game on Friday with the championship game on Saturday. After analyzing the stats they decided to move both semifinal games to Thursday because they discovered that the Thursday winner ended up winning over 65% of the championship games no matter their seeding due to the extra day of rest. 

    This concerns me about the game against Duluth Saturday. They have had the rest whereas UND has not. Of course Sandelin was whining that they didn't get to play to prepare his team for the final but really? Who wouldn't take a walkover in a national championship tourney.

    But due to a 4-0 lead I think this game was well managed by the coaches and except for Gaber no one got hurt. They ran four lines the entire game which I am hoping helps them with Saturday's game.  

    Time to stop hearing about the two time defending champ by beat Duluth tomorrow!


  2. 5 hours ago, Kevin G said:

    Bad ice isn't an excuse for losing, but for pete's sake, in the most important games of the year, why can't the NCAA honor the integrity of the game by making sure the playing conditions are satisfactory? For player safety AND for our viewing pleasure! 

    Meanwhile, there are excellent ice-hockey facilities sitting unused all over the place that can't be used because they happen to be on campus. Makes no freaking sense to me.

    This happens every year. For example. Fargo Force played a game last Saturday (3/20). They took the ice out on Sunday (3/21). NCAA came in and put down their logos on Monday and put down new ice.  Only way the new ice is decent at all is if it is set up for at least 4-5 days without high humidity or temps. never happens. I heard the temps in Bridgeport were in the 70s so the ice never truly set up.

    Net result the regionals ice is almost always bad. It was bad two in Fargo two years ago when AIC beat SCSU which slowed down SCSU. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, brianvf said:

    Yep.  Caufield was good...but talk about a team that solely relies on one player.
    He ended with 13 sog...no other UW player had more than 3.

    As soon as the show went off the air Buccicross hightailed it to the Wisconsin locker room so he could make out with Caufield. 

    Bucci was ridiculous today. " Caufiled, the eventual Hobey Baker winner" etc.  

    Caufield had 152 shots during the season;  in comparison Pinto had 84. Caufield had 44 points and Pinto had 30 points. Do you think Pinto would have more points than Caufield if he had another 68 shots? 

    These guys on ESPN give no credit to hard working teams like Bemidji State but they pretty much dominated Wisconsin most of that game. 


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  4. So last time the regional was at Scheels the ice was terrible. It was one of the main reasons AIC was able to win against a much faster team in St. Cloud. I am expecting it to be terrible again. The Fargo Force had a game on Saturday night March 20th. Best case scenario the NCAA came in and took out the ice on Sunday but more likely on Monday. Put down their logos and then put down new ice. That gives it most likely three days to firm up. Typically not enough time for good Ice. Plus we play the second game which makes it even worse. So we can hope that we can score the first goal so AIC can't slow it down on crappy ice. 

    Only ice worse than NCAA regionals was when they had the Frozen Four at Ford Field (Indoors football field) in Detroit. 


  5. 4 hours ago, dden3 said:

    Did anybody else hear Alex saying there are a lot of Covid issues with some of the WJC teams. Wonder if that tournament will really happen. If they are going to call it, call it now and send our guys back. 

    There has been talk already that the European teams  are having a hard time with Covid and some nations may not be able to send their teams to the World Juniors. Essentially they are all waiting for the OK before committing

  6. Well as you saw I would have picked Senden and he didn't score either. Besides I missed the 3:05 deadline. Got to stick by the rules. 

    Looks like we have a winner in Game 1 so I can play in Game 2 on Thursday so don't forget to make your picks there too. 

    Tough game to lose with that 5 minute major with 6 1/2 minutes to go but you don't win a lot of games only scoring 2 goals. 

  7. On 2/29/2020 at 2:38 PM, Godsmack said:

    Dave Starman went off on a rant last night during the St Cloud game about how bad the ice is at the regionals because of what the NCAA does to it with the painting of the logos and not allowing the ice to set, etc. He wasn’t making excuses for St. Cloud losing to AIC but he did say the ice was really bad. 

    It's true at every regional. In every arena, they end up taking out the ice, painting all of the NCAA logos under and then putting ice back in. This of course happens after whatever team that normally plays on that rink gets done on Saturday. For example last year the Fargo Force played on March 23 at the Scheels Arena. The NCAA came in on Monday March 25th and took out the ice, painted their logos and then put back in new ice on Tuesday March 26. Regionals started three days later on March 29th.  Ice was terrible. It is at every regional even at a place like the  Denny Sanford Center in Sioux Falls the year before. There was an event on Saturday and then the NCAA did their normal stuff on Monday and Tuesday. So once again 2.5-3 days to get the ice where it should be. It never is good. 

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