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  1. I would like to address that. Many JMU fans, including yours truly, have been majorly ticked at Cig (Coach Cignetti) for not playing a full 60 minutes of football. He tends to let off the gas near the end of the first half and the end of the game instead of going for the jugular and leaving no doubt. Last week, we were beating a very good VMI team 38-10 at the end of the third quarter, and almost lost the game because Cig let off the gas, put in the clean jerseys, and VMI came storming back on our second team, scoring a TD to pull the game within seven points with seconds left. They went for the obvious onside kick and we recovered, ending the game. A bad bounce and we could have lost that game, all because Cig was being politically correct, attempting to be a gentleman and all that, and as a result, we could have lost that game. Cig may have been thinking, 'This is not a time of year to not put teams away completely before letting off of the gas.' But, I think it is simpler than that. On the last play, we did go into the victory formation and ended the game. The play before, Latrele Palmer carried and was stopped short of the goal line. I believe Cig was simply trying to give one of our best running backs who had had not nearly enough carries in the game or the season one more tote to keep him happy. We are blessed to be very rich at running back this year, and in my opinion, Latrele is the best running back we have, by far. He has not had nearly enough reps this season. If there is one back I would hate to see enter the portal for lack of playing time, it is Latrele. I call him the 60-MPH bulldozer. At 6'/225 and can fly, I believe the kid has an NFL future. And he is a youngster, a true sophomore, I believe. So, I believe that was all Cig was doing, and I don't disagree with it. The game was over, what difference does it make? And, having done the gentlemanly thing all season, refusing to punch the ball into the endzone at the end of halves cost us in seeding. UND is a tremendous team. I believe your future is very bright. We will likely see you again in future playoffs, even though I am one of those screaming to move to FBS, especially FBS indy, but our admin doesn't seem to give a doodly what the fans want. Anyway, don't be too hard on Cig for those last couple of plays. He was just using those precious postseason seconds to improve his team. We have still played only seven games which is basically half a regular season. Live game reps are precious and very much needed right now.
  2. Likewise. It's a shame someone had to lose. Probably the two best teams in FCS played in Harrisonburg tonight. Delaware also looks pretty tough, though.
  3. I always put an s on the end of Bison just because it really ticks off the stinkies (my other name for the smelly Bisons). Actually, I have met a bunch of NDSU fans in Frisco and truly enjoyed the company of every one I met. It is Bisonville where the uncool Bison fans hang out. Totally abusive to visitors. But, I give as well as I take there. I recently posted this photo there - two Bison bulls doing the Fargo Fandango (I hope this isn't too crude for this board. If so, I apologize and will delete upon request.)....
  4. Smelly Bisons have no use whatsoever for indoor toilet facilities. "Squat and drop" is NDSU tailgating SOP.
  5. You bet. Thanks for your thanks!
  6. I'm sure. The battle of 29! Is there some old treaty that requires North Dakota to place its major colleges on the Minnesota border? When I graduated from college at JMU, I was commissioned in the Army, and as luck would have it, I was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii for my first assignment. I chose to drive cross-country and ship my car from Oakland to Hawaii. My route took me through Sioux country. It was late February and driving in a blizzard between Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota (US 29), I was driving like everyone else - really slow with my right tires on the shoulder. One of my tires blows out. So, there I am on the side of the road, middle of the night, in a blizzard, no idea even where the spare tire is. After about a two-hour ordeal, I get the spare tire on and continue my trip west. Anyway, that is my only experience in your neck-o-the-woods. Harsh country. I can see why it produces such tough and hardy people. Good luck on Sunday. It is going to be epic and lots of fun! If you beat us, you deserve to move on, and vice versa.
  7. ....and FAT!
  8. Thank you, Hawks fans for being civil and engaging, unlike the smelly Bisons over at Bizzzzzzzonville, a totally crude and abusive bunch who are no fun at all. Best of luck to you all and safe travels if you are heading to Virginia.
  9. No one in the portal that I know of. Strengths - We are very strong defensively. It is hard to run on us. We have a stable of very good running backs, all of whom could start just about anywhere in FCS. If we are going to have players enter the portal, the most likely candidates are RBs because there are just not enough totes to go around and some of them received multiple P5 offers. Weaknesses - we have one or two true freshmen on the OL. Surprisingly, they have been doing well. Many of us thought Cole Johnson would be a weakness at QB, but he has done a good job overall. Very smart player who will fool you with his toughness, despite his frail build. Very good decision-maker. If you stack the box, Cole can find open receivers and is not at all afraid to go deep. He enjoys solid protection from his OL and can run if needed. A weakness that has reared its ugly head from time to time all season is the weird tendency to play two or three solid quarters of football, then lay down and let teams get back in the game. Case in point, VMI. We were ahead 28-10 at the end of the third quarter. We wound up winning the game by a single touchdown. With seconds left and VMI having just scored, they attempted the obvious onside kick which we recovered. An unlucky bounce of the ball and you could be playing VMI Sunday. That has driven me insane all season! Injuries - All-American OL out until fall. He is an almost certain draft pick. NFL teams like JMU offensive linemen. Super Bowl champ Tampa Bay has three - one starter, one 2-deep, the third I'm not sure where he is in the lineup. How about you guys? What should we look for?
  10. Welcome to the Shenandoah Valley, Hawks. You will find us Dukes a fun-loving, welcoming, passionate bunch. Much respect for UND. If we have the game we are capable of for two full halves, we will be hard to beat. If we go to sleep for a half like we have done several times this season, including our last game against VMI, I believe you will advance. Praying for the former! Here's hoping you all have a safe and fun trip. Enjoy your time in the Valley.
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