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  1. Anderson was less than impressive. Can't expect much contribution from her as a freshman.
  2. This might be the reset Coach Bernhard needs. Hopefully, she restarts with her staff too. Finds capable recruiters and gets new faces to the program. I find it hard to believe this is the best staff she can put together. Why not find a coaching vet, another alum, or at minimum, more experience and energy? She needs to really look at who is working for her at this point. Also, anyone else hear about any offers to transfers? They need to find a few kids who can contribute right away. Where will the scoring come from next year? We are in deep trouble if we lose Kacie Borowicz or Juliet Gordon too.
  3. When will she announce her staff? Or should we just assume she's keeping the same crew that Brew brought in?
  4. Bernhard as a former standout student-athlete, assistant coach, and now head coach is a unique feat. I hope she is successful! She needs to take the necessary steps to improve: 1. She needs to upgrade her staff. Coach Mo has the Michigan connection, but other than that... What are the other coaches doing? We rarely see them being active on the bench, social media platforms, recruiting, or adding much value to the program. As a young HC, you can't have lack of experience or knowledge on the bench. There is no reason that changes shouldn't be made going into the next season. This is the prime time to hire. 2 wins last year is enough to answer that question. 2. They need to step up their game recruiting. It sounds like she is aware of that. At the end of the day, recruiting is the lifeline of college athletics. This past season was atrocious due to the lack of talent and depth. This is something that needs to be addressed right now and the transfer portal is a good place to start. How about kids like Lyndsey Robson or Erin Norling that they recruited out of HS. Colorado State and Utah State have half their rosters transferring. There are many junior colleges in the area. They need to find a way to bring back high level talent like they had in 2013-2018.
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