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  1. This is true. Weatherby is dating a player who recently had some issues with coach Logan and, apparently, decided to trash him online (oh...and try to get him fired). Young love makes you do stupid things.
  2. Yes, the only thing linking him is the screen shots. However as soon as that was posted and Jasper was questioned about being the owner the talkundsports account was taken down. Still don't know if he is dating someone on the team. As nodak said: let's let play out and see what happens today.
  3. Quite a way to start 2020 with the attack on Logan via social media. Glad it turned out to be false.
  4. Outside of soccer seems as if Tyler Shannon (football) was the only one to reply and stand up for Logan. Scroll down to Jan 28. All talkundsports tweets to him deleted because the account doesnt exist anymore. https://twitter.com/TylerShannon28/with_replies
  5. We all know he said that in 2015, not 2016. Your meme is fake news.
  6. Possible. Why he would do such a dumb thing? Logan made lots of changes over the years so maybe there is a grudge there somewhere.
  7. Early January someone started a fake twitter account titled @talkundsports. The account was created discuss UND sports but ended up being an attack on head soccer coach Chris Logan and demand that he get fired for treating players unfairly etc... The person responsible who created the account: hockey player Jasper Weatherby. Weatherby took down the account after being called out tonight. Campus police apparently involved now. Very interested to see how Berry and Chaves handle this. Jasper literally tired to get Logan fired and destroy his career.
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