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  1. Are they behind in reporting? For sure Trump win
  2. Agreed, there should have been better plans and guidelines to get the numbers out much quicker than what we have seen. Trump can't have it both ways though, anything for personal gain.
  3. One of the annoying stories of today: Trump's complaining to stop counting votes in MI and PA, but to count more in AZ and NV. It seems he wants to change the rules of the states that aren't in his favor. Always wanting the rules to follow him... It is annoying that the votes are being counted the next day, but that is common and given the large number of absentee/mail-in ballots, this was expected.
  4. I don't think the polls account for the massive number of small counties that are low in population but are high percentage of R's. They seem to stick around the cities and burbs way too much.
  5. Too much money spent on these individuals. Waste waste waste
  6. Agreed, those mail-in ballots are a huge factor.
  7. For those asking about what is happening in PA. We need to do better in 2024! https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/politics/decision-2020/mail-in-voting-what-to-know/pa-republican-lawmakers-remain-unwilling-to-allow-early-vote-counting/2567571/
  8. I love this. My greatest wish in politics is for Congressman to have term limits, but it will never fly because why would you vote to limit your own term? I wonder how this could be done.
  9. Yes the city officials were just trying to make the politically correct argument and it definitely bit them in the ass. If anything, Minneapolis needs an increase in police funding and improve their training. I hope they learned from their mistakes, but time will tell.
  10. I agree that it was a s***show and they should have taken further action. Hopefully what happened can teach everyone a huge lesson and we can figure this crap out.
  11. As do I. I made sure to vote for people that will have that spine and defend and support our community. I was just disgusted with his wording I guess.
  12. I agree with this statement. Nobody is supporting that action, but we have to work together now and heal the community. No state "deserves whats coming to them".
  13. MN deserves chaos and destruction? How could you say that? Wish for healing and common sense, not terrible things. Wow
  14. I hope to God that they stay away but I am sure they will be around for many years to come.
  15. Pence doesn't win that one (unless it is against Harris).
  16. I don't mind this. I don't believe either party should have a huge advantage over another, the more in the middle they are, the more they should get s*** done (ideally).
  17. It is stupid how much money is given to these idiots. Imagine the good we could do in our country with all of the money raised.
  18. People are just sick of Trump and his daily BS. If anything, the polls ignited Trump voters to come out in droves to take down the polls. I can't stand the media either and do feel that is biased one way vs the other, but it has been that way for years and is nothing new.
  19. I don't think Biden gets enough votes and loses PA
  20. As a true Independent voter, Harris is awful.
  21. That would be god awful. If there is an attempted Trump dynasty, I am out. I think all of his kids are spoiled douchebags that have nothing in common with us, yet try to say that we are all the same. Trump is who he is, but his kids are the worst of them all.
  22. I completely agree! I think Texas will stay Red for the next couple of rounds though
  23. I would like to believe that Biden would be able to create some sort of bipartisan support in Congress. I agree that Harris has no shot, and R's and D's must pick two completely new candidates next time.
  24. I just think that as Americans we should all accept whoever wins. I hate the two-party system so much and how people vote for their color (red/blue), rather than the person.
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