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  1. I have attended and worked at several Universities and while $650 is much higher than NDSU charges, it is not nearly as much as you see at some of the larger Universities across the country. I have colleagues who pay close to or over $1000 a year for parking.
  2. I think Adams has been given more than enough opportunity to produce and has failed to do so consistently. Now, yes that can be said of many of the players but Adams seems to also struggle on the defensive side of the puck. I think Casey Johnson adds a good physical presence, has improved his ability to cycle the puck, and is defensively responsible. Can't fault Berry for that decision. I hope Adams stays, but if he does he needs to improve enough to get into the lineup and stay in the lineup. Your argument against #5 over Adams could go for any number of guys in the lineup and yet can you honestly say that you would rather pull those guys (#19, #26, #10, #14, etc.) in favor of Adams?
  3. He is listed as a 2021-2022 commit....lots can happen in that time if he heats up.
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