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  1. UNDisputed


    Cool site! I think I looked at it a while ago... Are those Bayda and Hale green jerseys game worn? The outline on "SIOUX" and the name/numbers on the back look different.
  2. UNDisputed


    Thank you so much! And I guess I didn't really need to ask about the green jerseys... On an interesting side note the WCHA and Reebok patches were moved.
  3. UNDisputed


    I am making some jersey graphics in photoshop, and I was wondering if anyone had more information on the Brien era jerseys with the three stripes. I'm pretty sure that the numbers on the black jerseys were originally green, black, white, inside to outside three colours, but were switched to white, black green. It's probably been said somewhere on this thread, but what did they do on the white and green jerseys? What years were the different colour-combos used?
  4. Thank you so much! Did the wood burning pen/stylus/whatever leave a noticeable line when filling in the logos? How did you get such clean lines? (Usually it "bleeds" a little.) I will (hopefully) get around to doing something like this sometime!
  5. Did you use a laser cutter for the wood burning stencils, or what? Sorry again for disrupting the thread, just didn't know how else to contact you. Thanks! p.s. "master piece" should be masterpiece (lol)
  6. This is kind of irrelevant, and a couple years old but how did you make this?
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