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  1. UND tied for 15th in the latest Mid-Major Poll. I noticed that they are doing an invitation tournament similar to how basketball does. Even if they miss out on the NCAA tourney, they have a good chance for some post-season play, barring an injury or bad juju. Excited to watch the team grow, would love to see our offense start clicking on all cylinders. https://volleyballmag.com/volleyballmag-com-mid-major-poll-presented-by-nivc-082917/
  2. Very disappointed in Pryor this season. Why he would move two high-caliber middles to different roles this season when they were on the fast-track to run the league from the middle is beyond my comprehension. What this amounts to is blatant favoritism to his alma matter and incessant need to prove that his recruits from Texas are better than our home-grown talent. If he is really preaching a "lunch pail" mentality than he really needs to evaluate whether or not the girl from Baylor is producing the numbers we need. 9 attempts in a 5-set match is not doing much for us. It's frustrating to see us FINALLY have someone who swings from the right side as hard as she does and a strong outside. I understand that we should spread our offense but our problem last year was that we had our two middles and one outside hitter that were effective. This year we have plenty of talent to allow our middles more freedom to take swings since they would have other hitters to help spread the offense. Last night's loss was absolutely embarrassing especially when you start pulling players to try out new things or give up like he did. This is damaging to our recruiting efforts in the area which were once strong. I hope someone takes a good long look at his commitment to this program and the talented individuals we have on our roster. Perhaps playing Minnesota will be the rude awakening we need to see that this isn't going to carry us long-term unless something changes.
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