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  1. Pathetic seasons over. Disappointing loss and season. This team doesn’t have it. That’s a bad loss!!
  2. Thanks Duluth announcer for the Congrats to the Sioux!!! Sioux FOREVER!!!
  3. appears to be working out well for UMD lol Go Sioux!!!!
  4. Nope the great new nickname of Fighting Chicken Hawks is here to stay just nobody will ever accept it so good luck with that!! If they would have just left it alone a few more years and let something evolve naturally it might have had a chance....Yet that didtn't happen so now we will just make fun of the F'Hawking F'Hawks and continue until the end of end of time chanting Sioux!! So good luck with Fighting Hawks lol. It's just a nickname ..I will always cheer on UnD football and Hockey yet how can anyone with a straight face say Fighting Hawks? It reminds me of Bruce Jenner all the sudden calling himself Caitlyn lol
  5. This thread is hilarious! Almost as hilarious as Fighting Hawks. Good luck with that !! We will just stick with Fighting Sioux!!
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