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  1. I feel ya, Lil Man...
  2. Gersich
  3. Good luck...... Go Sioux!!!!
  4. Shittay hockey
  5. Poolman
  6. MafiaMan.... get the sun tan lotion packed
  7. Been a little behind the power curve....
  8. Whats the deal with these refs.... bad oral hygiene
  9. We were due for one of those
  10. ....This..... Leave it all on the ice
  11. Gdamn wolverine piss
  12. Thanks Danks
  13. Greetings and salutations, Goon. Just been lurking in the shadows and crawling in the weeds lately. Feel that this upcoming season will be the Sioux's time. Enjoy viewing your work and the input you provide. Peace, out.
  14. The guy has great taste in sport's art!