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  1. That's the kinda guy you'd just like to punch in the face.
  2. 4 B1G teams in the top 10? This guy is smoking something fun.
  3. Pretty sure he was nowhere close to 75% for a chunk of last season with injuries. He played through a lot but couldn't finish. Prior to that i thought he was solid (minus the occasional bonehead penalty).
  4. Feel bad for whoever he goes up against. He's going to tear up that level of competition.
  5. Definitely a concern but out of all areas on the team I have full confidence in the coaching it's with the linebackers. Some of these players are going from outside to inside, yes there are different coverages and reads but it's not like they are brand new to the system and calls. I think there'll be a drop from the previous two years, but some of that will be made up by the experience and skill on the defensive line. If the DL can keep the backers free, that will help the inexperience with easier reads and quicker flow.
  6. You can watch a replay of the entire game on watchESPN.
  7. Having finally watched the video of the goal, I can't believe they waived it off. Can't really say it's indisputable. To top it off, there needs to be some sort of common sense on these video replays. Maybe his skate was off by a centimeter or two, Boston had a chance to clear the puck, the defenseman gained control of the puck and had his pocket picked. They skated around for 30+ seconds after the entry. Disallowing that goal seemed ridiculous. Go to a regular game in which replay isn't necessary after every goal and I doubt they would have even looked at it twice.
  8. Hurts even worse because we had already won this in the first OT until the refs had to insert themselves. Oh well. Got farther than I thought we would given how this year turned out.
  9. Well crap. Just do it again, keep up the pressure
  10. Being reviewed? what's the word?
  11. UND needs to take a long hard look at some of the better power play teams (like SCSU) and figure out what they're doing that we aren't. How many times can we go scoreless on a powerplay before something gets changed.
  12. Question for people in the know. What are the chances UMD gets punished in the next week for the dirty play by the NCAA or NCHC?
  13. At this point, might as well earn the penalties. After all it has worked out for Duluth pretty well I'd say.
  14. Just remember, if the other team is whooping you, just take a run at their goalie.
  15. Were penalties called on the Poolman and Johnson hits?