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  1. Quite honestly i wonder what the culture is for this team. Under Hak you had a business like mentality and knew you were going to get teams that will grind. This year the team seems disinterested in a lot of games. No motivation.
  2. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Yup, this very much. I recall him being talked of as an athletic project at qb. The project didn't work out as we all painfully witnessed.
  3. 2018 Season

    All I want from this upcoming season is to be play respectable football in every single game. Win or lose, I want it to be competitive. Last year we got embarrassed more often than not, change that around and move on from there.
  4. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I honestly can't fathom some of the recruiting. We've recruited some serious athletes at the tight end position but then game day rolls around and they get maybe a handful of plays as a focus. With how we've recruited tight ends, you'd think they'd be the focus of at least a third of the passing attack.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA @ Bulldogs - SATURDAY Gameday

    There is a lack of top end finishing talent this year. They need to get greasy, hard nose kind of goals and too often it's simply not happening. There also appears to be a lack of effort. When they are trying, they can play fantastic. You see if every couple of periods but unfortunately you seldom see it for 60 minutes, sometimes not even 40. Is that on the coaches? What can they do to light a fire under this team? Sad that that actually needs to be though of at this point in the season. As it stands, this team is looking like they will be the one to break the consecutive appearances streak unless they can right the ship and actually start showing something.
  6. 2018 Season

    Just remember though, the offense is incredibly complicated and it takes years for players to learn the playbook.
  7. 2018 Season

    That's part of what bothers me so much about Rudolph. He's so intent on "his system" and running it exactly the way he wants that he disregards the personnel that he has and the strengths of the team. Can you imagine an actual screen play to Santiago or Oliviera?
  8. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I don't mind long, rangy possession receivers, but you need at least one guy that can stretch the field vertically, no matter what offensive system you play. If there is no true deep threat, defenses will be free to cheat up and make life difficult for the rest of your offense.
  9. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    I want to see a replay of the hit on Rieger
  10. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    Fantastic shot, makes up for the stupid penalty earlier.
  11. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    Foolish people, did you think the refs would actually give UND a powerplay there?
  12. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    UND has looked faster this period if you ask me. They are beating Cloud to a lot of 50/50 pucks.
  13. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    The refs are intent on getting Cloud a goal here. Very weak on Bast if you ask me.
  14. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    Gardner is going to have to sit at one point. I'd rather have a freshman make a stupid mistake than Gardner continually take idiotic penalties.
  15. NORTH DAKOTA @ Huskies - FRIDAY Gameday

    Incredibly stupid by Gardner.