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  1. Made it 5 mi to TC's Referee, packed- but the got us a table and ESPN U on just in time!
  2. UND power play
  3. BU off the pipe
  4. OK crowd... start cheering the guys on !
  5. !!! SIOUX SCORE !!!
  6. " LET'S GO SIOUX " rocking the house
  7. great attempt by Boesser! Their goalie is something else!
  8. 3 min to go
  9. Wolanin tied it up !!!
  10. Crowd's on their feet. 6 min to go....
  11. Wooo Hooo. Hoff!!! Use Momentum now!!!
  12. 9 min left... c'mon guys!!!
  13. game delayed... glass panel shattered.. Sioux fan with minor cuts
  14. Yikes! Cam thought he had that one... good thing there wasn't a BU player behind him !!! 1-1 end of 2nd Must be time to make our "lucky" Papa Murphy's
  15. Yup. No need to always keep passing for the perfect setup - pepper the goal and be ready to get the rebounds!