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  1. New AD posting and hiring process

    Actually that does matter. Maybe hockey was a criteria in who was brought to campus? If true, then i stand corrected. My premise is that if you need to know and love hockey, and people that were interviewed had zero hockey experience, than you aren't on the same page.
  2. New AD posting and hiring process

    To me, this quote is a red-flag of the disconnect between the committee and Kennedy. If this is a true statement, than why interview Elliot? If the President believes this, than they wasted time and money bringing her to campus. Also, how many of the 12 video interviews were people without hockey knowledge? “I think you need to know and love hockey to be able to effectively lead an athletics department at UND,” Kennedy said. “He’s been at three athletic programs that have had hockey. His son plays hockey. We’re looking forward to him immersing himself into the hockey culture here. He’s well along the way knowing what it takes to succeed in hockey.” I'm not arguing whether Kennedy's statement is true... or that Bill is a good choice. My beef is with the process of the committee knowing what the decision maker wants. This is important because there will be future hires at UND using this same method.
  3. New AD posting and hiring process

    That’s a pretty damning article. Mr Chaves can consider himself lucky that story didn’t come out a day or two earlier. Here’s to hoping Kennedy had this knowledge and determined he was still the best choice.... but I’m imagining him having some buyers remorse.
  4. New AD posting and hiring process

    From a source, the committee gives feedback to Kennedy today. Kennedy sleeps on it and negotiates with a candidate tomorrow through Sunday. Hope is to have candidate on a plane Sunday night for a Monday press conference, or at least an announcement.
  5. New AD posting and hiring process

    While I'm not sure I agree fully with this post, if your premise is that you want someone to do legwork, that is the reason you hire a headhunter. They make contact with people asking and trying to convince candidates to get interested in the position. I wish we could see the full list of people who had an interest. That would allow us a better indication of where any darts should be thrown. My personal belief is that darts should be thrown at Kennedy, if he didn't give the committee proper charge on what he was looking for in an AD; and more so, the committee for forwarding only one person who is ready to be an AD. They obviously categorized the candidates for diversity's sake and sent the top in each category (Top woman, top associate AD, Tod internal candidate, Top current AD) . It's just too bad the state of ND, and the educational system results in large committee's. Having said all that, Chaves is an excellent candidate and should be hired. Blind squirrel found an acorn, or the process worked?
  6. New AD posting and hiring process

    Technically Chaves may be a lame duck as well. His contract expires in May of 2018 and has not been offered an extension, at least publicly.
  7. New AD posting and hiring process

    Only way Chaves is not the AD is if he turns it down. And if that happens, they should go back into the pool of candidates and interview others.
  8. New AD posting and hiring process

    EWU guy, and it's not close. BTW, the article states that Chaves is making $120,000 and that amount has been quoted here. That was in 2013. He is making $178k now.
  9. New AD posting and hiring process

    Did anyone ask Elliot if she applied for the AD position that was recently open at UTSA? Does the new AD plan on keeping her or is she doing exactly what Irle just did ?
  10. New AD posting and hiring process

    Why am I upset? Upset is too strong of word. I'm pointing out that I don't feel the process of using a large committee is the best method for selecting a Division I AD and that the method has caused us to have a pool that isn't as strong as it could be. That's it. Has nothing to do with Morton not being in the group. I assumed he didn't apply because he would have been a person who checks many boxes for that committee. He must not have interviewed well?? What can't I be serious about? The process that most d1 schools use or something else in that paragraph? And FWIW, i am very new to this board and enjoy the banter, but am not trying to "start" anything or have an ulterior motive other than what is best for UND and the athletic department.
  11. New AD posting and hiring process

    D1 AD SWA - who her current school doesn't want Bean counter who has a hockey background Good Ole Boy networked internal candidate. This is stereotypical of what a large committee process will produce for four finalist. Other options is the decision maker grabs this process by the balls and know what he wants... He assembles a very small UND committee and goes to a hotel in Minneapolis to conduct off campus interviews with 6 people that are in his mold. But he meets them face to face. Consultant arranges all of it. Then bring his top 2 or 3 to campus for a dog and pony show if that is what is required. Maybe just top 1. That's what most D1 schools do to when they hire a consultant. I'm assuming Morton didn't apply. He probably didn't apply because UND is using old stereotypical processes vs how Michigan State would handle the same thing.
  12. New AD posting and hiring process

    I absolutely did. Committee of educators could have been better worded as a "typical UND committee". My point is when you get this many people in a room, quota's come out. Compare how an AD or head (FB,or bb) coach is selected at UND vs how they are at other Division I institutions. Committee was: Provost, VP's, FAR, a few community members, lower level athletic department person, one coach, couple of students. Stereotypical.
  13. New AD posting and hiring process

    Ouch... This is the result of a stereotypical large committee of educators. They don't know how to research candidates for positions in athletics. Committee's like these also worry about the media (or message boards) and how things are going to look, vs who would do the best job. Chaves (Media quota)- fine. I get this one. He isn't being paid at EWU and doesn't feel he is aligned with President. Problem is, if he was really good, he would be able to get that alignment and make significant progress. Others in the Big Sky and certainly in the MVFC and Summit League have passed EWU by. Not many strong Division I AD's have come from Sports Information backgrounds. As I said, he might be fine, but certainly not a superstar candidate. Elliot (the female quota) - Red flag - The UTSA job was just open while she was the Deputy AD and didn't even get a sniff. UTSA hired the AD from Northern Arizona. So, the Northern Arizona AD is stronger than this candidate... no thanks. She may be in need of a job as the new UTSA AD may be planning on restructuring the department. Mannausau (the good ole boy quota) - Internal candidate that, 1. has zero experience of 75% of what an AD actually does (only has the fund raising portion) and 2. is down the food chain in the current structure of the department. There is a Deputy and three associate AD's before you get to an Assistant AD. That internal investigation must have been really damaging. Porter (the hockey quota) - uh, no. I happen to know someone in the WMU athletic department. Without being to disparaging, he isn't respected in his own department. Hockey reports to him and he is essentially a bean counter at WMU. If this is the method UND must go through to select athletic personnel then the committee needs to do better.
  14. 2018-2019 Recruiting

    Wonder what changes Jones will need to make as we transition to the SL. There are various styles that have been successful in the league but watching what USD and SDSU have done recently they seem to have intentionally recruiting long athletes. Does UND adjust ? NDSU plays a much different style than the two SD schools. Will be curious to see which Jones will lean toward. FWIW, Most of the Iowa kids UND has taken or offered have had only walk-on interest from the South Dakota schools. Of course, the best player in the league, Daum, was not heavily recruited either.
  15. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Does UND even try to come down to Sioux Falls? I never hear our name mentioned. Are we afraid to battle USD and SDSU? I would think USD would be the real threat because of the similarities academically.