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  1. NORTH DAKOTA @ badgers - SATURDAY Gameday

    I thought I heard they were going to be playing at Quinnipiniac some time?
  2. NORTH DAKOTA @ badgers - SATURDAY Gameday

    Thank you Siouxforce19.....looks like a trip to Canisus. Now I need to find out where it is...lol
  3. NORTH DAKOTA @ badgers - SATURDAY Gameday

    Does anyone know what the non conference schedule looks like for next season?
  4. Miami , Oh

    Am thinking of going to the series against Miami in Ohio in February. Best way to get there is to fly into Cincy and rent a car? Is there anything to do outside of the game? Any good pre game pubs? Where to stay? Tickets easy to come by? Thanks.
  5. Chinese spam threads

    So how long has Ling Ting Tong been using this site? I enjoy reading all the forums but it's kinda tough to do now.
  6. Frozen Four in Tampa

    I hear there is a parking ramp attached to the arena? Good bars around the area? I actually got a decent price for a flight into and out of Gainesville so I will be doing the Hertz thing.
  7. Wait until a week out and bid your hotel rooms on Priceline. I do that often when I go to NYC and always have great results. Last summer I got a 4 star hotel on Lexington Ave. for $130 a night....that's a steal.
  8. I love visiting NYC. Sure there are drawbacks but hey its HUGE!! I always get a good room by bidding for it on Price Line a day or 2 before I go.
  9. And then there were 2....

    Classic response.
  10. And then there were 2....

    True but I really don't care what you think.
  11. And then there were 2....

    I fly to away games to support them SiouxFan97. Don't tell me I don't support them. I am entitled to my opinion.
  12. And then there were 2....

    As much as I bleed green I will NEVER buy any apparel with Roughriders or even worse Fighting Hawks.
  13. And then there were 2....

    Voted twice.....I am done.
  14. NORTH DAKOTA vs. BADgers

    I didn't think it was that bad of a hit.

    What is the area around the arena like in Colorado Springs? Any good pre game places one could suggest?