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Lost to a team called Saint CLOUD!


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Yeah...you're down. You lost to a team called Saint CLOUD!!! I mean...what the heck is that??? A Saint should be a REAL GUY...not a CLOUD??? You can get stoned...look up at the sky and see something in the clouds...MAYBE NOT a SAINT but I'll bet someone PSEUDO FAMOUS like Ben Affleck or maybe the guy who invented Krispy Kremes....anyway...i'm sure you will prove the NCC's dominance this weekend. The alerus is like playing in the tent you built in your living room as a kid....high ceilings...a couple poles and a blanket and you're VERY comfortable.... with beers like $4.50... What's up with that?

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It'll be nice to see the Sioux rebound from a tough loss by clobbering Ferris Wheel State all over the field. Digger and Tony will be Bullpup bones, Roland will be rollin all over the Bullpups and Belmore will have his best game of the year. I shall have fun taunting all the weenie Ferris Wheel players and their ugly coaches.

Question, how is it gonna feel to lose four of your last five games? After the Sioux take you Kunitz loving, inbred hacks to the woodshed, Michigan Tech, Northwood and Saginaw will all do the same.

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Ferris State is and always will be an afterthought to most Sioux fans. Your win against us in hockey a few years back will forever be remembered by your fans. It is similar to one of our 7 NCAA titles I would imagine. Good job guys! Back to football, Diggler said it, this will be another non-conference spanking put on by the Sioux.

To quote Dave Chappelle's depiction of Prince on his show "This bores me".

Moving on...

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