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INCH's Top Freshman


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It's tough to argue with INCH's picks. There forward picks are dead on IMO. I was a little suprised with their D picks, I figured Hagemo would be #1. I've seen Gogilinski (sp) play and he is the real deal. He is a much better skater than Hagemo, although this is based on only seeing them play a couple of times. Regardless I think it is easy to say UND has the best incoming Freshman forward class and Minny has the best incoming d-man class.

Overall the Sioux probably have the best incoming class in the country, at the very least in the WCHA, I can't say I know anything about the east coast kids, other than Bourque deserves his ranking.

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One of the Ludwig boys is listed as the #14 dmen (Providence). Wonder if the Sioux had these boys on the radar? Sioux obviously had a full load of dmen coming back this year, but next year dmen will be needed.

I'm pretty sure Driscol made death threats to the Ludwigs so they don't return to ND.

Sorry for the inside joke.

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