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Just in case any of you are interested...we're playing football in the south too...90 degrees and 90 percent humidity.

Congrats to UND today on their win. Here's some scores of interest in the Gulf South Conference (or maybe not):

UNA 59 UAMonticello 21. It was 46-14 at halftime.

Valdosta 40 Ouachita 19

Delta St. 59 West AL 7

Central Arkansas 58 Southern Arkansas 31

Harding 28 West Georgia 21

UNA plays Delta next week in Cleveland, MS. Should be an interesting game.

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I think that UWA might be the patsie of the league, but there's no question that Delta's pretty good. I'm sure they were looking forward to playing again after getting whipped in GF. They ran the opening kickoff back 95 yards, and it was all downhill from there. The game was played at West Alabama.

Next week will probably go a long way to determining the head of the class in the GSC. It looks like UNA has the offense to win a scoring battle, and our defense looks better than last year. It's hard to tell, because they are truly untested in the second half of a game. We are getting ton's of experience for our younger guys, and hopefully that will set us up with some good depth for later in the year, and for the next couple.

Congrats to UND on the win. I enjoyed listening to the game, and posting a few updates for the fans. Glad some of you were able to get the audio working, but sure do wish I could have heard UND's announcers.

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