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You know, football is less than 2 weeks away and nobody is talking much yet. This was the national runner-up team last year, didn't lose too many players. We should all be excited about the Sioux this year. What a kind schedule too, look at all the home games. I think we are in for another great year of Sioux football.

Oh yeah.... N D S WHO?:p?:ohmy:

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Oh yeah.... N D S WHO?:p?:ohmy:

Hey! That's Sag. Valley's sctich there!!!

G... V... S... Who?

They had a bunch of T-shirts with that printed up and handed out to their students. Supposedly, it wasn't them copying the Whiteout that GVSU did when they beat us in the regular season. Either way, we won the playoff rematch at their place, and laughed on our way out at this idiot Saggy fan with the t-shirt on was out on the main drive out of there, swearin', yellin', cursin' and hoppin' around all mad in general. It was quite funny!!! :D

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