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2004 NCC race


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It is about that time of the year. To me, UND and UNO will be 1 and 2, with St Cloud at the 3, and USD and UMD ready to suprise. Also, it has been released that Vinny Flurry, a WR from Lakeville (MN) who had accepted a scholarship to Air Force, is now walking-on at UMD. Minnesota wanted him to walk-on, and he was one of the 2 or 3 best WRs in Minnesota last year. It is hard to predict that a true frosh is going to change anything for a team, but I believe that Flurry can, he is a real difference maker, albeit small at 5-9, but very quick and the type of instant-impact guy that isn't seen too often in the NCC. He is one of the best recruits by any NCC team this year, and he kind of just fell into UMD's lap. He could be a very good replacement for UMD's departed All-American at WR. Flurry could be the difference maker that puts Duluth into the 3 hole preseason in my mind. Bubba's return back to GF just got potentially even more interesting.

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