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World U18 Session Tickets


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Have to work several sessions so the following are for sale.


Sessions for sale

REA $20 quarters and semi's, $10 other 2 game sessions, $5 1 game session

ICON $5/session

Seat: REA, Sec 112 Row R Seat 10

ICON, all General Admission



Session 1: Apr14 Lat-Sui 12PM Svk-Den 3:30PM

Session 8: Apr17 Lat-USA 3PM Den-Fin 7PM

Session 9: Apr 18 Rus-Lat 12PM Sui-Swe 3:30PM

Session 14: Apr19 USA-Sui 7:30PM

Session 16: Apr21 Quarterfinal 1 12PM Quarterfinal 2 3:30PM

Session 19: Apr22 Relegation 7PM

Session 20: Apr23 Semifinal 1 3PM Semifinal 2 7PM



Session 2: Apr14 Cze-Fin 6PM

Session 6 Apr16 Fin-Svk 6PM

Session 10: Apr18 Cze-Den 6PM

Session 13: Apr19 Svk-Cze 6PM

Session 15: Apr21 Relegation 11AM


PM me with offers. Tickets are in Grand Forks.


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