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2 Club Seats - Miami Series - 11/13&14


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South club lounge (end Sioux shoot at twice)

·         2 seats each night;

·         children admitted with adult;

·         "bar stool" (end of row) seating;

·         bench side of the ice - great seats;

·         2 free "adult" beverages per person (before drop of the puck);

·         includes use of parking pass;

·             in-seat drink service;

·             free pre-packaged popcorn, chips, etc. and canned pop throughout the game (while it lasts - usually something left at the end of the game, I believe);

·         another 2 standing room "seats" available (since the bar stool seats are the top row, all four in your party can be in   immediate proximity of one another);

·         $344 total for both seats, both nights. 

NOTE - The Ralph is charging $40 ($25 youth) on Friday and $45 ($30 youth) on Saturday for GA tickets for this series - which may be sold out. I believe the Ralph charges $15 over an adult GA ticket for a SRO ticket (which have always been available inmy experience) - if you want one or more of these as well, it will be in addition to the $344 listed above, at cost. If you already have GA ticket,you can use that in order to gain admittance to the club as a "guest" (SRO) - one guest allowed per regular club seat, so you save at least $15 per SRO that way.

PM me if interested. Thanks

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