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Okay...we've all been complaining about the average playoff crowds at the AL!!! In truth, they've been GREAT cheering crowds - just a little short in numbers - NOW we have the chance to TOTALLY PACK the AL with UNA coming to town. THIS GAME WILL BE ON TV - either 'DAZ or KVLY but it WILL be on TV - my advice SCREW THAT!!! We need to show our appreciation to the Sioux for all the fight they've shown this year by throwing the remote on the couch, calling a bud or two (or MORE) and showing up to the game this weekend. We made a BIG difference in the UC Davis game a couple years ago - let's show those sh*theads down south what it means to HOST a playoff game and SHOW UP IN FULL FORCE (I'm talking FULL HOUSE) for this game! Like I said, this is OUR chance to repay the Sioux for all the great memories (and heart palpitations!) they've given US this season... GO SIOUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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