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The relevance of this topic to UND has played itself out. The changes in the NCC that prompted the creation of this forum are known and nearly complete. Discussion of UND's opponents is still on topic in the sports forums, so this topic no longer really generates enough legitimate traffic to need its own forum. Those of our readers interested in following UNC's, NDSU's, or SDSU's transitions in great depth would probably be better served by news sources devoted to those institutions.

This is not a response to anything specificly discussed recently, I've been watching this forum's traffic for some time and have discussed it with a couple moderators and contributors. We would keep these posts around as an archive (so you can prove how prescient your predictions were) and would, of course, reopen the discussion if the topic gained new relevance to UND.

We're certainly not trying to stifle discussion of topics of legitimate interest to followers of UND athletics, rather I think we're responding to a decline in news related to this topic. As these forums exist for you, the fans, we're interested in your opinions; any suggestions that this forum still has value will be taken quite seriously. If you have comments that you'd prefer not to post, feel free to send a PM/email.

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I was honestly a little surprised by the overwhelming reaction (among those who chose to comment) in favor of closing this forum. The public sentiment definitely echoed our own, that this topic no longer has much to do with UND and that the lack of legitimate new topics to discuss has left the forum a host to little more than interpersonal bickering.

However, it will certainly reopen should DI-AA become relevant to UND again.

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