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I do this every year. Here is a list of the days you can take in multiple Sioux sporting events. I'd encourage anyone who can to do so. All the programs need your support, and UND does a great job of making multiple events accessible on the same day................it's a great way to spend a weekend!

September 24

WHKY vs Manitoba @ 2:00

FB vs Black Hills St. @ 6:00

October 8

FB vs Montana Western @ 1:00

VB vs Chicago St. @ 5:00

MHKY vs Ice Breaker @ 7:30

October 15

WHKY vs Vermont @ 2:00

MHKY vs. Maine @ 7:00

October 22

FB vs Cal Poly @ 1:00 - Homecoming

WHKY vs Ohiso St @ 7:00

November 19

FB vs South Dakota @ 1:00

VB vs Great West Tournament @ TBA

WHKY vs Minnesota St @ 7:00

November 26

MBB vs Western Illinois @ 2:00

MHKY vs Colorado College @ 7:00

January 12

WBB vs Jamestown College @ 6:00

MBB vs Valley City St. @ 8:00

January 28

MBB vs Chicago St @ 2:00

MHKY vs Wisconsin @ 7:00

February 4

WBB vs Texas PanAm @ 2:00

WHKY vs. Bemidji St @ 7:00

March 3

MBB vs Utah Valley @ 3:00

MHKY vs Minnesota St @ 7:00

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