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Tonight the winners of the 2002-2003 Calder, Hart, Jack Adams, Vezina, Lady Bing, Selke, and Norris will be announced on ESPN2...I'm in a prediction type of mood, so here's who I think will win each.

Calder Finalists: Outstanding Rookie

Barret Jackman

Rick Nash

Hans Zetterberg

This was I think the toughest one. All three played outstanding this year, but I will have to go with Barret Jackman of St. Louis. Jackman had to step up for an injured Chris Pronger, and IMO did an excellent job.

Hart Finalists: MVP

Martin Brodeur

Peter Forsberg

Markus Naslund

Naslund. Led an offensively explosive Canucks team this year. Brodeur certainely deserves it also, but seeing as how New Jersey is a defensive team...I'll give Naslund the edge.

Jack Adams Finalists: Coach of the Year

Jacques Lemaire

Jacques Martin

John Tortorella

Lemaire led the Wild to a 95 point season, a 22 point increase from 2001-2002, and the Western Conference Finals. Sure the Sens won the President's Cup, but what Lemaire has done with a 3rd year expansion team speaks for itself.

Vezina Finlists: Outstanding goaltender

Martin Brodeur

Marty Turco

Ed Belfour

All had amazing years, but the fact that Brodeur is also nominated for the Hart makes this one a no-brainer.

Lady Bing Finalists: Sportsmanship

Nicklas Lidstrom

Mike Modano

Alexander Mogilny

Ok, so I lied earlier, this is the toughest one. On one hand I like Modano a lot (yes, I know he plays for the Stars), but on the other Mogilny played for the Leafs, who are not exactly known for sportsmanlike play. I think that Modano will edge him out, but I don't really have a clue who will win it.

Selke Finalists: Outstanding Defensive Forward

Jere Lehtinen

John Madden

Wes Walz

Lehtinen and Madden have both won the award in the past, with Walz being a first time nominee. I'd like to think Wes Walz will win, but Madden does have a pretty impressive resume. What the hell, I'll be biased...Wes Walz.

Norris Finalists: Outstanding Defensman

Derian Hatcher

Nicklas Lidstrom

Al MacInnis

Again with Pronger injured MacInnis had to step into the captain's role for St. Louis this season, while playing with rookie Jackman. Lidstrom and Hatcher are also both great defensemen, but MacInnis stepped up and took the leadership role in stride, leading the Blues to the 4th seed in the Wetern Conference playoffs.

Disclaimer: If I didn't mention someone in my little spiels, that doesn't mean I looked past them. All Finalists are fianlists for a reason. This is just MY OPINION. :glare:

And the Winner Is...


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Hart: Forsberg (Now that I think about it...he did give the Avs a lot of PP time :angry: )

Selke: Lehtinen (Deserving, but....Walz got hosed!!! :glare: )

Calder: Jackman (As I said he would)

Norris: Lidstrom (Probably one of the most underrated players in the league...very deserving)

Vezina: Brodeur (Never a doubt...he is also sharing the Jennings with Roman Chechmanek and Robert Esche)

Lady Bing: Mogilny (The exception to the rule in Toronto)

Jack Adams: Jacques Lemaire (Easily the best active coach in the NHL, maybe even of all time...though Scotty Bowman might have something to say about that)

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