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Frozen Four Tix - 300 Level

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We have four Frozen Four tickets for sale in the upper deck of The Can. They are in 344 or 356 as best I recall. Higher row rather than lower.

Face value, plus fees. Not sure, but I think that is around $635. Would prefer to see them go to Sioux fans but with the ever changing market on Frozen Four tickets, I will wait to see if I can sell them here until Wednesday. After that, I will likely post them for sale on a broader basis.

Those who will also buy our West Regional Tickets will be given preferential treatment . . . . :wink:

PM me, or e-mail me at fortparker911@msn.com

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These tickets are actually in Section 326, Row 8.

Will sell for $600 total, and include shipping. Paid $635.

They are also now being advertised elsewhere as well. I am looking to not be left

holding the bag. Those with faith, and without tickets to Denver, will buy now.

Two sold, two remain. Who is ready to watch these boys sk8 gr8 to #8 in '08?

First $300 sits next to a couple of top shelf Sioux fans who had the foresight to buy now, knowing that the Frozen Four is on the horizon.

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