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Honoring Master Sargent Keeble


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Yesterday a True Sioux Hero was Honored by the United States for his bravery and honor to this great Nation, An Honor long over due!!! I think it would be neat if the Men's Hockey Team would Honor this great man with some kind of addition to their jerseys, if not a 1950's throwback that they can wear for the Final Five? Just throwing it out there!

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I think you have a noble thought, but I think this is one that would need to brought to the attention of the PR department. The one thing that I see being the hold up is that it doesn't say anywhere if he ever attended UND.

I know that I for one would like to see us wear the throwbacks once in a while, I just don't know if there is something we have with Nike that says we have to wear their jerseys all the time. I love the old sweaters with the lace up necks/collars.

Great story.

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