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  1. How are other teams home and there records?
  2. Hey jimdahl what about this? Does this poster get a reprimand?
  3. I only respond to their attacks. Did you give this same message to them?
  4. Nothing I posted was not common knowledge. A lot of people, and I mean a lot, could have said the same thing on who was related to who and who came here because of their name. Since at the time Morelli and Marvin played here everyone made comments on why they were here. So nothing new there.
  5. I thought you guys were the experts on lines?
  6. Just do not care anymore. No axe to grind and I wish them nothing but the best. Prefer to look at things from an impartial view instead of a tainted one.
  7. Talk about a !@#!$!. I am not the one here pretending to know everything, I'll leave that up to all the arm chair coaches here. I pointed out some facts and you get your panties in a knot. Who has the real problem? With people, like many of the posters here, I am embarassed to having once been a fan. I am !@#!$! because I have, and know, some people connected to the program directly and most of you never have seems to make people jealous that they have never known their idols. That is what is said. This forum is to talk about Sioux hockey. It was pointed out that UND does not recruit based on lineage and I asked how two guys would have ever played here without it. So I am the bad guy? You people really need to get a life.
  8. Has Matt's kid played here? No. That means it would have to be Reg's kid that played here though he was not good enough. There is only one Izzy Marvin so what is so hard to figure out? Are you still a freshman?
  9. More like how petty it is of all of you that think this is a bad question to ask. For one thing Chad is a friend of mine and I was just wondering what it would be like to coach the kids.
  10. Then what were either of them doing here?
  11. I wonder what it is like at Lincoln for the coach having your nephew playing and your brother's nephew and son playing for for you?
  12. Fact is fact since neither of them were good enough to have played here otherwise.
  13. How short of time have you been a fan? I was talking about his kid who played here.
  14. He was way better than he was ever expected to be.
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