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  1. Vermont is now allowing alcohol delivery with ordered in food, with your take out and curbside package store pick up It is an ill wind that blows no one good
  2. I truly wish you strength through this
  3. I say this as someone who sits at a public facing desk in a hospital. Now is the time for our better sides. Some of our famous American coming together. My suggestions: Offer babysitting to a nurse, offer to grocery shop for your elderly neighbors, buy a gift certificate from your favorite restaurant but stay home, spare a square for your neighbor if they run out. There will be all the time in the world for arguments when we have been through this. I have my opinions about how this will all play out. But it really doesn’t matter at this point in time. We have largely cast our die. But no matter how this plays out things are going to be damn ugly and we are best served by pulling together. Left, right and center we are all still in this together.
  4. I've been wrong before. But we should know way more by that time.
  5. Here's the missing piece. Hospital beds and staffing are related to what has been the normal. This isn't like flu....it's on top of flu. So if your hospital is full due to regular flu....where I live is has been very full since December.....you need to find away to have supportive treatment for a group of people you are literally not ready for. They have been aggressively moving people from our ICU to regular floors for months here. Also turning away transfers from smaller hospitals and boarding people in our Emergency Department for days at times. If we need more ICU beds what we will do is an uncomfortable thought. From reading patients who require intensive care for Covid 19 require it for some time. Throw in a 14 days out of work for staff if they are exposed without PPE and you start to brew trouble. The best thing that can be expected is we have people slowly get the virus so they can be supported if they require it. This requires social distancing. I'll check back into this thread in 6 weeks and I bet the prevailing opinion is that we should have done more earlier
  6. Thanks for stream. I took my Roku to St Croix but it wouldn’t let me use my streaming package. It does play this though
  7. It would be like reading any comments section. You know better than to read, but you do, and then say "I knew better than to read that".
  8. When I described Stecher I always said, "That guy is always where he shoud be , doing what he should be doing it, when he should be doing it." I will miss watching him like crazy, but he doesn't owe us anything. He left it all out on the ice. I am thrilled Boeser is coming back. Let's do this all again next year!
  9. The original store was here. It has been torn down. There is a marker at the site. There is a scoop shop on Church St. The factory (which has a short tour) is in Waterbury. It would be a good stop for anyone venturing to Stowe.
  10. Lol nope shes my little sister
  11. I feel like I know you from somewhere. Didn't I see you stumbling into Johnstone/Fulton 25 or 30 years ago.
  12. Also Seven Days is the local weekly. They will have a calendar of events and also a section called Seven Nights that offers restaurant ratings. And I forgot to mention Pho Hong is another good cheap place to eat.
  13. Hey I work in Burlington and live in the area. I figure people are planning their trips and I'm happy to offer any info I have. LODGING: The state houses homeless people and families in some of the cheaper hotels in the area. It may pay to pay a bit more. If money isn't an object I would stay on the water front/downtown area. The Hilton, Hotel Burlington, and the Courtyard Burlington Harbor will put you right down town. Church Street is Burlington's local restaurant/shopping pedestrian area. Those hotels will put you within walking distance. It is also where the night life lives GETTING AROUND: Pedestrians have no fear of cars. Expect narrow streets, aggressive cyclists, skate boarders and people just walking out into traffic in the core areas of town. Also there is no "going around the block" That being said it's not aggressive like Boston. You just have to go slow and expect surprises. It is a town built on a hill and the crawl from the waterfront to the University is a haul. Monday through Friday the College Street Shuttle runs from Union Station near the waterfront through Church Street and to the campus. It is free. It does not run on Saturday or Sunday after Columbus day. The bus service beyond that goes to places you may want to go but it will likely be full and possibly late. If you are going down town you will have to pay to park. The area down town has several parking garages. Parking in the main area of town will take credit cards. It is more expensive. Away from the core you will need quarters. Burlington has a lot of commuters. During the week you can expect rush hour from 7:30 to 9ish and 4pm to 6ish. It is slow going but does not extend very far. I’ve never used Uber here but it exists. Cabs can be flagged downtown or called for. I use Green Cab on occasion. Call ahead if you have a firm deadline. You may wait for a bit for them to arrive. Towns touch each other so it is entirely possible to be in a new town without noticing. Street names will change at town borders. For example Main Street in Burlington turns into Williston Rd in South Burlington. That one may well impact you as it is main drag. FOOD: Burlington and the surrounding areas have A LOT of food options. If you have any questions about a particular restaurant I’m happy to answer if I know. Some of my favorites (many of these are not right down town) Tiny Thai in Winooski. It is a very affordable, popular place. BYOB with no corkage fee. There are also a number of bars and restaurants right in the area. It is on an abomination of a traffic circle. Whoever designed it will surely spend some time some place very warm. That being said; once you cross the bridge and enter the circle take the very first right. There is a garage to the left. Misery Loves Co is in the area as well. The food is good and the beer is varied but the hipster population is high. The Davis Center on Campus has a food court. I can suggest the Thai Chicken wrap at New World Tortilla. I’m sure other things are good but it’s what I eat there. There is also a Pine street location. Ben and Jerry’s on Church street is a given (although not the original site) Church Tavern serves good bar food. Vermont Pub and Brew is on a side street and is also good. They also brew their own beer. American Flat Bread Pizza is near there and they serve upscale thin crust Pizza from a wood oven. If I were going to order Pizza I would order Leonardo’s. Another suggestion would be A Single Pebble. Upscale Chinese served family style. You order as a group and things are brought as they are cooked. If the whole party is willing they do a tasting menu that is fun and delicious. The dry fried green beans and mock eel are local faves. If you just want a plain old salad bar and steak I would do the Windjammer on Williston RD. For a quick sandwich and a view Burlington Bay has a glass wall that looks out over the lake. There are also some very high end places. It’s hard to go wrong with most of them. Hen of the Woods is a top suggestion. Khakis and a polo or dress shirt will take you almost anywhere in town. It is a dressed down area. ALCOHOL: Beer and wine available in grocery stores. Hard liquor is available at state stores only. The nearest one to down town is Pearl Street Beverage. There is also a small location at Burlington Bay near the water. Vermont doesn’t do happy hour. You can also only have one drink at a time. Don't bother with pitchers of beer. They are required to be about 2.5 pints. There are so many local beers to make you happy. Many of them offer tours. Switchback is my fave. The Other Place or OP is my favorite dirty bar. Nectar’s was the starting local for Phish if you are into that. They also do a trivia event on Thursdays. Breweries:Zero Gravity Craft Brewery / American Flatbread - 115 Saint Paul St, BurlingtonSwitchback Brewing Company - 160 Flynn Ave, BurlingtonThe Vermont Pub & Brewery - 144 College St, BurlingtonMagic Hat Brewing Company - 5 Bartlett Bay Rd, South BurlingtonFour Quarters Brewing Co. - 150 W Canal St, WinooskiThe Traveler Beer Co. - 431 Pine St, BurlingtonQueen City Brewery - 703 Pine St, BurlingtonSimple Roots Brewing Company - Not Open To The Public, BurlingtonThe Just Beer Project - 209 Battery St, BurlingtonThree Needs Brewery & Taproom - 185 Pearl St, BurlingtonInfinity Brewing Co. - 80 Ethan Allan Dr, South Burlington ETC: If the weather is nice (and that could go either way) there is a water front bike path that makes for beautiful walks and views. Foliage will likely be passed. If any remains I would take a drive through the Champlain Islands. Cider doughnuts at Hackett’s orchard and a meal at the Blue Paddle Bistro would be good. You can park outside the gates of state parks and walk the paths in the off seasons. Grand Isle State park would be good choice. In other directions; a car loop through Smugglers Notch is a good way to see the country side. The Shelburne Museum is world class and full of old buggies, tools, quilts, train cars, guns, etc as well as fancy pants art. It is really worth the trip. If you are out in Shelburne parking at the base of Mount Philo and walking up the road will net you a panoramic view of the Champlain Valley. Montreal from Burlington would be about the same as going to Winnipeg from the Forks. They mean the French speaking thing. Don’t expect them to have English road signs. Pont is bridge. That might save you some of my past misery. Sadly, Burlington is not really a hockey town. Residents aren’t going to know about our program or most likely their own with few exceptions. The Gutterson field house is on the out skirts of the campus. There will be no beer there. TL:DR If you have questions about Burlington I’ll be glad to try to answer them. ,
  14. This also assumes that grades/transcripts/scores are the only thing considered when med schools take students. You can ace your MCAT and have a perfect transcript and still be a horrible MD if you don't listen to your patients when they talk. All the book "learnin" in the world won't help if you ignore what people report because you know what's wrong with them just because they are a woman, or a mexican, a fat person, a poor person etc. Or if you won't return your patient calls, or sign your notes because you are lazy or just not that into your job. There are many things that go into making a good Doc. Further we all know that being connected can help grease the wheels for students. Programs like INMEd just help level the nepotism factor.
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