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  1. You serious??? Stopped the breakaway, D let's them get the puck to the front and you think that's on scheel?
  2. What's with the high school sounding horn to end the period?
  3. I think at least 4 coming in the second!
  4. Good compete tonight hawks!!!!!!
  5. How tough is it for a college hockey player to clear the zone off the glass and not just a lazy attempt to clear?
  6. Some good trash talk by wolff, telling michaud that hes short
  7. Way to zoomed In on the play. Terrible
  8. Never said hes been Steller, but blaming a point blank shot on the goalie when the shooters stick should have been tied up makes me question your hockey knowledge.
  9. You watching the game? I'm guessing not by you thinking the last goal was completely scheels fault, Und did score again.
  10. The context of what he said, he was blaming scheel. Clear some guys out from the front of the net.
  11. Cant tell if your just stupid or trolling!
  12. Get the F outta here with the pull scheels bull !@#$, how about the D stop looking around and pick a damn guy up. Sick of all the bashing on this damn site. Smith is just out there on that play in no man's land.
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