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  1. On 7/1/2020 at 10:51 PM, burd said:

     I'm old enough to remember back to Earl Anderson, Jim Cahoon, and Al Hangsleben, but watching these archived games is really a learning experience.  New (renewed) appreciation for Ian Kidd.  Hrkac's on ice intelligence quotient was through the roof.

    Hockey in the late 80s was still very physical, but there seems to have been less chickensh*t stuff after the whistle.   I guess since the players weren't punished as severely for the big hits and fighting, they were less interested in small-time showy stuff like facewashes and stickwork.  It's good they are making the game safer and more wide open nowadays, so I'm not complaining about the way it is called now.  Just an observation. 

    I may be wrong, but with the large increase in numbers playing the game in the States since the 70s, the game has gotten a LOT more competitive.  As good as they were, I don't see how those teams from the 80s would fare as well against the top teams today.   And I'm an old timer inclined to remember things as being better than they were. 

    The speed of the game has changed tremendously over the years.  HS kids now play at the speed of the 90's college teams, and college teams play at the speed of the pro game in the nineties.  And the pro game now is crazy fast.  Add that to the equipment changes, especially goalie pad area, and toss in big goaltenders and yeah, the 1980's college teams would struggle to have a winning record.  And yeah, there is no off season any more.  

  2. Beat on Scheel all you want, but what was missing from last night's game was offensive puck possession.  You lose that battle against a team like Duluth and you are going to spend too much time chasing, then you hand the opponent too many quality opportunities.  Our zone entry and puck possession in the second and third periods was a couple of notches below lackluster.  Get down a couple of goals and pinch too much, bang...breakaway.  Perfect recipe for a "L".  Those breakaway goals are not on Scheel, including the shortie (bad PP puck management).  To come out on top against a team like this UND HAS TO figure out zone entry.  The dogs made an adjustment on the blue line at the start of the second, and it killed our possession time.  We did not adjust, and we could not overcome the momentum flip of that shorhander.  Certainly Scheel let in a couple he'd like to have back, and I'm sure he had a nightmare about the one that went in his glove and bounced out, but this loss is not entirely on him.  It was a team loss.  Coaching, execution, and mentally...UND was outworked.  Reload, bring in Tychonic...and be relentless on the puck.  No space, no time, and win the races.  

  3. 2 hours ago, tnt said:

    I recall a couple times people feeling great about playing Yale, especially after they beat Minnesota.  Didn't turn out too well.  I think sometimes players think the same way and by the time they realize it isn't going to go as easy as they thought, they are already behind the eight ball.  

    I still hate lacrosse.

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  4. This weekend is a good test for UND.  Omaha comes in hungry, and capable of putting up goals.  The Sioux need to play a pair of 60 minute games for the sweep.  If UND keeps their first half intensity, I think we pocket 6 key NCHC points and see a TCoS on Saturday.  BRING IT!

  5. 32 minutes ago, fsioux said:

    Smaby was a defenseman so not sure of his offensive prowess as far as coaching.

    Yep.  We need a coach with a proven record of hitting the twine.  D-corps will be ok with Smaby or other coach staying.  We need an offensive minded coach who can give the PP a thirst for goals and the skills to get them.  Our offensive output needs to double.

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